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Reve D'Or by LT Piver c1889

Reve D’Or by LT Piver was originally launched in 1889 as a woman’s cologne.

Its French name translates as “dream of gold” or "Golden Dreams" and was named after the particular breed of roses with butterscotch and cream petals.

In 1905 it was slightly reformulated and incorporated methyl aldehyde to give it a sparkling top note. The parfum extrait was reformulated in 1926 by Louis Armingeat.

Fragrance Composition:

So what does it smell like?  It is classified as a floral bouquet fragrance for women.
  • Top notes: aldehydes, lemon, geranium, basil, cloves
  • Middle notes: heliotrope, carnation, lilac, tea rose, orange blossom
  • Base notes: sandalwood, vetiver, musk

A 1934 advertisement in the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette described Rever D’Or as “the softest and rarest of all garden scents - utterly feminine for the new Mode of Femininity that‘s sweeping the country today”.

Fodor's Woman's Guide to Europe, 1954:
"Piver, 10 Boulevard de Strasbourg. "Un Parfum d'aventure"— for blondes; "Cuir de Russie"— bittersweet; "Floramye"— a favorite since 1916; "Pompeia" and "Reve d'Or"-for brunettes."

The toilet articles fragrant with the Reve D’Or scent were available as:
  • Reve D’Or sachet.
  • Reve D’Or perfume
  • Reve D’Or bath powder
  • Reve D’Or face powder in Rachel, ochre, naturelle, basanee
  • Reve D’Or 2 oz toilet water
  • Reve D’Or 4 oz perfume
  • Reve D'Or lotion
  • Reve D'Or bath soap
  • Reve D'Or brilliantine

Hearst's, 1930:
"And for the new “Lady” is the new Reve D’Or. Acclaimed in Paris, Reve D’Or brings to America its soft fragrance - its elegant delicacy, as feminine as the “lady” herself. Now, enhance it yet more, with Reve D'Or — newest of French fragrances- — created for the new Mode alone. Subtle, delicate, alluring, — it radiates the very essence of your new, feminine self. Piver, oldest of French perfumers, has created Reve D’Or for the new mode. It is here in America in Reve D’Or face powder, in four flattering tins, including the new new Basanee {an "after sun-tan tint") $1 - Reve D’Or Perfume $10 and $4 (also a purse size at $1) Reve D’Or Toilet Water $2.50 - Talc $1 - Bath Powder $1."

You could also find enameled Reve D’Or compacts filled with the scented face powder too and brilliantine for the hair, which would have given it that wet look so very popular at the time.

In 1957, LT Piver filed a trademark for the name Reve D’Or for Perfumes, Toilet Waters, Eau De Cologne, Hair Preparations, Face and Toilet Powders.


Reve D'Or was presented in various bottles over the years depending on the concentration of fragrance contained inside: parfum, eau de toilette, cologne, brilliantine, lotion, etc.

In the early 1920s, Louis Sue and Andre Mare had redecorated the LT Piver salons in Paris, transforming everything from furniture and accessories to the ceiling draperies into a rich interior of deep cobalt  blue and glistening gold. This same theme was repeated in the presentation for Reve D'Or. In 1925, Louis Sue designed the entire presentation for the perfume.

The parfum was contained in a deluxe crystal flacon accented with thick gold enameling. This exquisite bottle was manufactured by the prestigious glassworks of Baccarat.

Fate of the Fragrance:

 In later years, it emerged as a Lotion for women and men. I have read that this became very popular in the Middle East and was a staple fragrance in the barbershops of Cairo. It still exists today as lotion splash (also known as an eau de toilette) and eau de cologne spray, and is found at the LT Piver website.

In 1957, LT Piver filed a trademark for the name Reve D’Or for Perfumes, Toilet Waters, Eau De Cologne, Hair Preparations, Face and Toilet Powders.

LT Piver describes Reve D’Or beautifully here on their website:
”Slip away into a world of dreams with this cocktail of rare and precious essences. An invigorating, radiant and bright start to the day with notes of orange blossom, tea roses, geraniums and vetiver that gracefully gives way to the magic of the heliotrope – a sensual flower whose delicate fragrance is enhanced as the sun gains in warmth – only to form a unique and bewitching scent that lingers on hints of sandalwood into the night.”

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